33 thoughts on “Local library data in the new global framework

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  2. Looks like your Holding level could be modeled as an ORE Aggregation that ore:aggregates Items. Neat.

  3. Hello,

    your article was mentioned on Jakob Voss’ blog on http://jakoblog.de/2012/01/10/linked-local-library-data-simplified/

    I wholeheartedly agree with your comments on the value of local administrative data. I proposed a simple model on the SWIB2011 (Semantic Web in Libraries) conference in Germany that would allow to publish circulation data as rdf. There was quite some interest from german libraries to publish their circulation data.

    English slides: http://www.slideshare.net/MagnusPfeffer/ausleihdaten-aus-bibliotheken-als-linked-open-data-publizieren-und-nutzen

    I will get in contact with the librarycloud.org project.

    1. To Magnus: thanks. Yes I saw Jakob Voss’ post. Very interesting.
      I also attended your SWIB11 presentation, which I mention in my post.


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