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  1. Why not give the proposed “some central university organisational unit” a name (maybe even “University Library”?)

  2. Good overview. Thanks!

    Agree with Bas Vat, you just described a changing library organisation.

    I think it is important to mention one could do all library tasks seperately with different people and departments completely removing the ‘library’. Just because it is possible doesn’t make it an improvement. One could completely remove some Human Resource Department and disseminate all tasks through the organisation. But it doesn’t make sense.

    In essence this makes your repeated argument concerning this ‘solution’ meaningless. It is precisely the relationship between these different tasks that define a ‘library’. The tasks changed, are changing, and will change but that relationship continues to exist. That relationship is information management. Our ‘customers’ still demand our knowledge of information sources, information acquisition and access to information.

    Sneaky question; how long has it been since you actually conferred with library customers??? 😉

    1. Jaroen, I think you haven’t understood the point I’m trying to make at all.
      I didn’t “just” describe a changing library organisation. I described the developments in the complicated world of information retrieval and management for which a centralised university library organisation is not efficient anymore.
      And it’s not about “library customers”, it’s about people who need information. I talk to people like that all the time, thank you.
      You talk about existing “library” structures and current “library customers”. I talk about information services and supporting consumers of these services in an efficient way adapted to current and future circumstances.

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