4 thoughts on “The poor person’s linked open data workbench

  1. My reaction is not so much in the discovery tool, or the catalogue, but the institutional bibliography is the place to implement these service (we are finally about to implement the VIAF, slowly getting our toes wet).
    But the institutional bibliography is important since your institution is the only one who takes responsibility for all the output in the cloud.

  2. There’s huge value in adding functionality to these tools as it brings linked and open data to libraries, which means that linked and open data finally reach this audience as a usable thing.

    As it is with linked data, while there are some parties that claim it is indispensable, there are far more in libraries that see nothing without practical examples.

    Vendors have no reason to bring anything to the table before there is demand and cash. We saw this with SRU — the little standard that couldn’t — but with something tangible, this demand can develop.

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