5 thoughts on “Relevance in context

  1. Well written, good ideas! Frustrating in all of this is that technology to do all of this is available, but no party seems to be interested (or capable) to actually build a library-system with these kind of features.

  2. Great summary Lukas!

    In response to the comment by Gerard, the technology is available but the old problem is ‘budget’. Putting these great ideas into practice requires a scary amount of effort on many fronts, technology and content-wrangling.

  3. “The system records which databases actually produce results for specific search terms. ”

    I’m very interested in learning more about this. Who is behind PurpleSearch, are you involved in that Lukas?

    If whoever is involved in it wants to write a simple article for Code4Lib Journal on this specific feature and how it’s done, I think we’d be interested.

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