Infrastructure for heritage institutions – ARK PID’s

In the Digital Infrastructure program at the Library of the University of Amsterdam we have reached a first milestone. In my previous post in the Infrastructure for heritage institutions series, “Change of course“, I mentioned the coming implementation of ARK persistent identifiers for our collection objects. Since November 3, 2020, ARK PID’s are available for our university library Alma catalogue through the Primo user interface. Implementation of ARK PID’s for the other collection description systems […]

Infrastructure for heritage institutions – first results

In July 2019 I published the post Infrastructure for heritage institutions in which I described our planning to realise a “coherent and future proof digital infrastructure” for the Library of the University of Amsterdam. Time to look back: how far have we come? And time to look forward: what’s in store for the near future? Ongoing activities I mentioned three “currently ongoing activities”:  Monitoring and advising on infrastructural aspects of new projects Maintaining a structured dynamic overview […]

Infrastructure for heritage institutions

During my vacation I saw this tweet by LIBER about topics to address, as suggested by the participants of the LIBER 2019 conference in Dublin: It shows a word cloud (yes, a word cloud) containing a large number of terms. I list the ones I can read without zooming in (so the most suggested ones, I guess), more or less grouped thematically: Open scienceOpen dataOpen accessLicensingCopyrightsLinked open dataOpen educationCitizen science Scholarly communicationDigital humanities/DHDigital scholarshipResearch assessmentResearch […]